Direct sales to China

We help you reach B2B customers without leaving your office. Whether you’re selling powdered milk or software for IT engineers, we’ll help you effectively reach your target audience by scaling your sales in the Chinese market. No middlemen, no budget overkill, and maximum transparency.


Target group database creation


Cold outreach


Qualification of leads


Monthly report

What does the service consist of?

  • Prospecting campaign for Chinese market (cold WeChat, cold mail)

  • Ongoing acquisition of B2B customers in accordance with your brief

  • Communication from e-mail to your company’s domain – full transparency

  • Trilingual communication – English, Chinese, Polish, depending on needs

  • Language support during B2B meetings

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Why Huqiao?

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Tailoring to your needs

Like a chameleon we blend in with your needs. Don’t look for a template to fit your company into. We implement tasks from a jointly agreed area.


Direct communication

We are an alternative for companies that need a team of competences at the expense of one employee. You get constant contact with a dedicated specialist who has the qualification background of the entire Huqiao behind him.


Transparent reports

After each month, we summarize the effect of our collaboration and perspective on next steps.


Structured collaboration

The common denominator of our success is full understanding. Properly maintained harmony of ongoing communication gives momentum to our effectiveness while ensuring you are in control of the entire process.

Stable稳定合作 and predictable cooperation

Stable and predictable cooperation稳定合作

Stable and predictable cooperation稳定合作

Stable and predictable稳定合作 cooperation

Stable and predictable稳定合作 cooperation

We care not only about the best results, but above all about your peace of mind – that is why we base our cooperation on constant contact, structured within the Huqiao Rhythm.

Huqiao rhythm


You signal to us your needs and barriers


We analyze them during the meeting


We’re back with a tailored strategy for action


We get down to work!

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